Vault Apps (Free Trial)

This Micro Module provides an overview of Vault Apps and their utility in online data collection. It is important for Safety/Threat Assessment (S/TA) teams to understand the most common ways digital users intentionally conceal photos, videos, and files on their digital device. By the end of this module, S/TA teams will have a better understanding … Read more

Cyberbullying (Free Trial)

This Macro Module examines the challenges of cyberbullying and best practices for supporting those who have engaged in and/or been targeted by cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become increasingly common due to the rapidly evolving nature of digital communications, especially among teenagers. Because of the unique nature of cyberbullying, a unique approach may be needed to support … Read more

Current Trends Module (Free Trial)

This Module will enhance School Safety / Threat Assessment teams’ understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape, provide updates and changes to all social media platforms, updates on trends, language and new ways students are communicating online.

Digital Threat Assessment® (Free Trial)

Digital Threat Assessment® teaches participants to establish a Digital Behavioral Baseline through a Safety / Threat Assessment (SS/TA) lens. By engaging with popular social media applications, you will learn how to find and document worrisome digital media content originating from your school community. This training solidifies your understanding of how to effectively use DTA® as … Read more

Fundamentals of Digital Threat Assessment® (Free-Trial)

Fundamentals of Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) introduces participants to the concept of DTA and its place within the practice of Threat Assessment. Proactive and evidence-based, Fundamentals of DTA will assist your team in identifying individuals that may pose a threat to the safety of themselves or others.  [6 videos | Total run time 1 hour … Read more

Anonymous Apps Micro Module (Free Trial)

This Micro Module provides an overview of apps where users can remain anonymous, including Reddit, 4Chan and Whatsapp. It is important that School Safety and Threat Assessment Teams know about these platforms and understand best practices for navigating these anonymous apps for data collection. [8 videos | Total run time 32 minutes]

Discord Micro Module (Free Trial)

This Micro Module provides an overview of Discord. This app has become a more significant concern amongst School Safety and Threat Assessment teams over the years due to its anonymous nature and lack of publicly viewable content. School Safety and Threat Assessment teams will obtain resources for Discord and how to report content properly. Teams … Read more

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