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Experts to discuss safe social media at Comp School

 By Jared Gottselig

May 9, 2017 – 10:00am
Sam Jingfors will be talking with parents and students on Thursday and Friday about responsible Internet usage. Facebook

In the digital age, society is moving toward a constant connection with technology, and North Battleford Comprehensive High School (Comp School) wants parents to learn more about how to handle their children’s online usage.

Run by Safer Schools Together, Comp School is holding a workshop called Social Media Awareness + Parenting the Digital World on Thursday, May 11, to teach parents about a variety of topics regarding their children’s digital usage.

Sam Jingfors, Director of Operations of Safer School Together, says having a conversation between parents and children regarding responsible Internet use needs to happen as soon as possible, before incidents arise.

“Just being able to have that conversation proactively ahead of time is going to pay dividends when it comes to actually dealing with the issue,” Jingfors said. “I think it’s [a conversation] that can be done appropriately with parents and with kids together as a united front as opposed to leaving it up to the kids to fend for themselves in the expansive digital world.”

Parents can expect to learn about the latest apps and trends being used by children on social media, and how to balance their child’s autonomy while setting restrictions. There will also be a lesson on “digital footprints” Internet activity leaves, and how potential employers use this information during the application process.

Miscellaneous tips and tricks to handle their child’s online usage will also be provided to parents.

“It’s certainly something that we know is a very timely topic for all of these groups, and we’re that much more excited to get that conversation started,” Jingfors added.

This is a free event for parents of school aged children, and will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Comp School cafeteria.