*Non-negotiable Prerequisite: SST Basic Digital Threat
Assessment 1 Day Training.

Further preparatory instructions for the Advanced DTA class will be provided in the registration email.

Advanced Digital Threat Assessment Training will build and expand significantly on the content covered during the prerequisite Basic DTA Training. Participants will leave with a concrete understanding of how to find and curate relevant digital information as is typically represented in a real-life digital threat assessment data gathering scenario. Major engagement and hands-on practice will take place as participants are assembled into investigative teams and given a mock real-life scenario.

The final practical assignment will consist of working collaboratively as a team to navigate the realms of the social media world using both familiar and new techniques to produce a digital baseline report using a template. Participants will receive templates and supplied standard operating procedures to leave with confidence in being able to independently establish a threat makers’ digital baseline and produce a comprehensive report.

Advanced DTA Learning Outcomes:


  • Personal vs. Professional vs. Research accounts and policy.
  • Staff Safety: Safeguards to protecting yourself and your personal information.
  • The wealth of information that tech giants keep on users (Google, Facebook).
  • Guidelines to ensure no digital trail is left.

Utilizing the power of search engines and all investigative tools

  • Boolean search operators.
  • Setting up Google Alerts.
  • Cache data.
  • Webpage history.
  • The utility of Firefox and Chrome browser add-ons.

Digging deeper for information online

  • Username tracking.
  • Training your brain to see past the noise and overwhelming amount of social media content and focusing on relevant findings.
  • How to effectively establish a school, individual, and community digital behavioral baseline.
  • Where to start an online search to find as much relevant content as possible in a timely manner before it disappears: e.g. a bomb threat, school lockdown, cyberbullying.

Youth Investigations

  • Using social media to find a missing person (e.g. Snapchat, IP address logs).
  • Introduction to language analysis and strategic interviewing.
  • Dealing with online threat-related behaviors and anonymous threats.
  • Current best practices for teams dealing with sexting and sextortion related incidents as well as guidelines around education and awareness.
  • Law enforcement: “Need to know” regarding preservation and production orders.
  • Exigent circumstances: What are they? What information is provided when you are in a school emergency?

The vast smartphone world

  • Tracking capabilities and data stored.
  • Examining metadata of photographs.
  • Best practices for preservation of evidence/crucial data.
  • Reverse phone number searching.


  • Geolocational specific Twitter searches (GPS coordinate searching): Drawing a geo- fence over your school and monitoring the digital heartbeat of your community.
  • Using 3rd party Twitter websites to find incredibly detailed data about a user.
  • Setting up your own Twitter dashboard: Automating your searches to save yourself time.


  • Privacy implications of the evolving FB platform.
  • Personal vs. Professional Privacy.
  • How to locate publicly available data and dig DEEP.
  • Building sociograms for negative peer groups.

The Online Underground: Evil exists

  • ISIS recruitment: latest trends.
  • Inordinate knowledge: swatting and doxing.
  • Forums: 4chan and Reddit.
  • The basics of the dark and deep web.
  • Identifying young people on the pathway to criminal radicalization.

An accurate level of risk through the threat assessment process cannot be determined without considering the digital behavioral baseline of the threat maker(s). It is imperative to understand the tools and methods available to your threat assessment teams provided in this valuable training.

The presenters were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in presenting outstanding information. Thank you.

Martin Sabel, Investigative Analyst Brevard County Sheriffs Office

The training was very interesting and interactive. It provided a lot of detail of ways to work with and deal with situations involving constantly evolving technology and keep kids safe.

Graham Hartl, Police Officer Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Safer Schools Together provided engaging training to our school staff on identifying digital threats and how to use online tools for further research to prevent situations from escalating. This training helped us to better understand the risks involved with students using various social media platforms and what can be done to help ensure their safety. Thank you, SST!

Karina Logan, Campus Secretary OneSchool Global Vancouver Campus

The training was very informative and hands on. The information on social media was very interesting and important for school safety and awareness as an educator.

Christopher Miranda, M.S. Principal NUSD #1

The Threat Assesssment Training provided opened my eyes to the dangers and reality we and our students live in the cyberworld, that can unfortunately spill over to the real world.

Carlos Tavares, Network Specialist NUSD #1

“That was the most smoothly run, well-timed/paced online seminar I’ve done so far. Great presenter.”

Erase Fundamentals of Digital Threat Assessment

Thank you for having such an outstanding class. This was the best technical related class I have had in many years. I know a lot of work goes into making good training. You guys hit the ball out of Wrigley Field, across Lake Michigan, and over to the State of Michigan to land on this one! Thank you again.

Michael Whitlow, Patrolman Canton Park District PD

Such surprising content. I learned a ton and have a greater sense of things to look for.

Jason Billings, Principal Principal

This was a timely training to address this important topic.

Jocelyn Littlefair, School Principal Rockyview Schools

Great session that will help me support students and families with a timely and relevant concern. Very eye-opening!

Jeff Chalmers, Principal Rockyview Schools

Fantastic presentation: informative, and a touch terrifying.

Chael Wyper, Principal Rocky View Schools

Lots of great info about the many social media platforms. We can’t know it all, so it was good to spend the day with this topic.

Thomas Elbel, Principal Rocky View Schools

Great opportunity to learn tips and tool to help keep out students and school safe.

Aaron Ventsias, Principal Laraway70c

Great class always changing topic

John Shallenberger, Deputy Sheriff Tazewell County Sheriff's Office

Very focused training. Thank you so much!!! Very much enjoyed this.

Ross Cornett, Co IT Coordinator Altamont unit 10 schools

There was a lot to learn. Maybe have emailed a list with the available sites and resources

Andrea Zavada, SRO Deputy Livingston County Sheriff's Department

Absolutely amazing training, and extremely relevant – the trainers did a fantastic job and really dove into advanced techniques that will come in very handy! THANK YOU!

Wil Gage, School Safety and Threat Assessment Specialist West 40

Prediction, prevention, and intervention should begin with digital threat assessment. When this important piece is overlooked, tragedies occur, tragedies that could have been averted. Digital threat assessment is a critical component of student and school safety.

Nicole Pieranunzi, Director of Special Education Services West40

This training provided valuable tools and insight into helping prevent school place violence. I loved the training materials they provide so I can review the material between the trainings.

Mitchell Barton, School Resource Officer Pittsfield Police Department

With the changes in school safety, Safer Schools Together allows those who are involved in education, regardless of their title, to work alongside a team of knowledgeable trainers to bring answers and provide suggestions for training and implementation. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Carla Cunningham, Principal Greenwood Elementary School

This was excellent. It is a lot to take in but any Threat Assessment Plan that does not include a member who had this training cannot be as effective as one that does.

Mike Denault, District Superintendent Waltonville CUSD#1

Great content. I learned so much and had no idea these tools were available for us to help protect our schools even further.

Keith Crispell, Superintendent Creede School District

This was a great training. I do appreciate how much participation was encouraged throughout this training. I know it’s hard to keep people engaged online, but the materials provided gave lots of opportunity to be hands on. The content was great, and I learned way more than I was expecting. Thanks for offering this class.

Anna Baker, School Resource Officer Windsor Police Department

I enjoyed the content and definitely learned some things I had not previously known. I also realize, as social media sites continue to progress, I need to stay updated on the latest trends.

Tiffany Hedrick, School Resource Officer Portsmouth Police Department

My name is Jenna Lewis and I’m an investigative analyst with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. This was a great training. It was very helpful when the instructor provided us with links we could click on and learn about. I learned so much from this course and can’t wait to apply my new skills at work.

Jenna Lewis, Instigative Analyst Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Very important training to stay current with today’s digital threats. Colton is an amazing trainer with tons of good information.

Billy Johnston, Educational Technology Coordinator Eaton School District

Super helpful and applicable training! I knew nothing about digital threat investigation two days ago, but was immediatly able to put my new skills to use!

Adrianna Nickell, Assistant Principal Eaton School District

I really enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Definitely one of the best presentation trainings I’ve attended.

Alfonso Casias, School Counselor Upper Rio Grande School District

It was a fantastic training with useful and relevant information. We are on the frontline in schools and the information makes me more comfortable as a school administrator that I can keep my students safe.

Bradley Gotshall, Assistant Principal Pontiac-William Holliday SD #105

I really appreciated the digital threat assessment training as our students are increasingly engaging online and as a result, less so in person. This training equipped me with the tools to get a pulse for how students are doing by investigating online.

Ty Taufer, School Social Worker WCSEA

What started out as a conference inquiry turned into total buy-in for the program. Safe schools are no longer an option, they are a priority. This training will help accomplish that.

Garrett Gardin, Sergeant Hendersonville Police Dept

SST training was an educational, informational, and valuable workshop to attend. It has informed me more about social media sites used by youth. The resources and tools are very useful and I am glad to use them.

Una Miljevic, Educator Pythagoras Academy

I thought the training was exceptional and greatly applied to my job. It was taught thoroughly and the instructor was great at explaining threat assessment and social media topics, all while navigating the chat for questions submitted by participants. I enjoyed the training and will definitely take more similar courses offered in the future by Safer Schools Together.

Mary-Michael St. John, Detective North Carolina State University Police Department

By participating in the training today I learned a lot of tools that will help me investigate suspicious activities on the student accounts. I also learned a lot about myself through some of the things I do on my social media. I think every educator should take this course and try all the tools using their own name. Highly recommend this training.

Yanina Vihovska, Teacher Pythagoras Academy

Colton is very knowledgeable and explained all topics well. I would be interested in taking the advanced digital threat assessment course!

Olivia Matthews, Intelligence Analyst NC State Bureau of Investigation

SST has been very helpful to me and my district in the short time since I discovered this company. The employees are always fast and helpful, and it is obvious they are passionate about keeping our schools safe. Thank you for another great training.

Holly Broadway, Director of Student Services Fulton Public Schools

Essential learning to learn about the basics of social media platforms when conducting risk assessments. I have a greater understanding of how to search open data across a variety of platforms.

Leanne Lyons, High School Teacher

Fantastic session on Digital Threat Assessment. Already signed up for the Advanced course. Job well done!

David Salmon, Teacher Consultant Edmonton Public School Division

Awesome training should be mandatory for all school systems and School Resource Officers.

Darrell Slater, Detective Anderson County Sheriff's Department

The session was informative and at times very eye-opening. If we hope to keep our kids safe, we must keep up with the current tech and social interests, which does training like this one all the more critical.

Jeshua J. Mercado, Security Assistant CiTi BOCES

Very knowledgeable class and I am not very knowledgeable about social media platforms like Snapchat, IG, and Twitter.

Patricia Dallos, Security Assistant Offficer CiTi BOCES

This training is a must in the education system. Our world has changed and social media is at the forefront. Knowledge is powerful and vital in addressing the issues our children are dealing with. Get this training!

Don Wright, Safety Security Officer CiTi BOCES

The trainer was very patient and showed me windows + snipping. I really appreciate his patient (Greg)

Monica Barnes, Safety Security Assistant CiTi BOCES

The training upgraded my skills with social media apps. It allows me to step up with un my job with high schoolers.

Markehe Plummer, Security Assistant CiTi BOCES

With social media changing day to day, we need more wat to stop social media bullying and threats to harm.

Stanley Parker, Security Assistant CiTi BOCES

It was very informative. I really learned a lot that I can share with my team at school. Thank you!

Stephen Madison, Security Assistant Officer CiTi BOCES

Both the basic and advanced sessions were very engaging and very eye-opening. There’s a lot that our students have to navigate and a lot of potential places for harm in the digital world that we did not have to deal with and may not fully understand. The sessions were an awaking and an opportunity to start learning about how to navigate the digital world to begin understanding the world our students live in.

Samir Biswas, Assistant Principal CiTi BOCES

Great content and applicable to law enforcement environment. Would be great if more consecutive days with this same content. Fun course that allows you to learn how to use everyday tools that are overlooked.

Matt Iannucci, Detective CiTi BOCES

This training exceeded my expectations. The presenters were very knowledgeable in the field of Digital Threat Assessment.

Mark Brunschweiger, Safety Officer CiTi BOCES

I’ve been with MCPS security for over 12 years and have many other years in other security-related fields and this was the best 8 hours spent at any training that I have ever received. So many topics that we learned today will help us with investigations and putting out fires before they begin. Cannot thank Safer Schools Together enough for all of the amazing and real-life knowledge that they shared. There is no doubt that Safer Schools Together has helped so many students, staff, and families in so many different ways.

Joe Tehaan, Security Assistant Montgomery County

The information in this training is way more advanced and prepares you on how to conduct searches you may not have known were possible.  It opened my eyes to how much information/technology is out there that can be used for either good or bad.  The training is definitely worth going through. You will learn a lot and a lot of resources are provided to you.  Definitely recommend.

Terry Trautman, Detective Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

As a Deputy with the Sheriff’s Office, I work with runaways.  I found this training very informational as most all my kids use social media platforms to communicate. I hope to put into practice many of the skills I learned to help locate children and return them home.

Tracy Longano, Deputy Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

I thoroughly enjoyed attending this training. I gained immense insight and hope to attend the advanced digital threat assessment training in the near future. I KNOW this is valuable information that everyone in education should have.

Hunter McLeod, Threat Assessment Coordinator North Central Educational Service District

As an SRO I have an added sense of confidence in my abilities to find relevant digital information to address school safety issues after attending SST’s Digital Threat Assessment training. The training provided a solid foundation knowledge that I can continue to build upon.

Monte White Sr., School Resource Officer Hobart Police Department

Every educator, district IT staff & law enforcement personnel should be required to take this course. It contains valuable tools & knowledge needed to research & locate potential threats. Definitely worthwhile.

Cheryl Ann Johnson, Admin Assistant Fort McMurray Public School Division

The training was very informative and relevant. A must have for every Behavioral Threat Assessment Team.

Willie J. Hunt, Director of Safety and Security Kankakee School District 111

Our presenters did an excellent job of providing us with the investigative tools to provide thorough background searches of the online component of threat assessments. About 80% of our threat assessments come in the form of digital threats making this was relevant to where we are right now.

Aaron Boughner, Assistant Principal Powhatan County Public Schools

As a threat assessment professional, Digital Threat Assessment® is vital to a complete investigation. With an ever changing landscape, this type of training is crucial to stay up to date.

Ken Nakamura, Threat Assessment Detective Roseville Police Department

The training was was a real eye opener for what is going on in social media platforms.

Mark Brunshweiger, Safety Officer CiTi BOCES

SST offers a variety of helpful tools for anyone in law enforcement or education with a common goal of keeping our youth safe.

Charles Knepper, Youth Detective Orange PD

This training was excellent and should be required for school staff that handle bullying, harassment and DTAs.

Jim Minihan, Chief Emergency Officer Ossining UFSD

This training was excellent! It was up to date and insightful. The presenters were welcoming and friendly.

Gabriel Lomas, Professor Western Connecticut State University/CT School Safety Center

Very Informative Training! Brings to light a lot of different topics that can be overwhelming if you do not make yourself aware of them before an actual high stress event.

Matt Iannucci, Detective Woodbridge Police Department

I recommend SST Online training, it was informative. The trainer took his time to explain each section in a timely manner. I had several takeaways, that I will be using in our district. Can’t wait to take the next course! Thank you!

Tamatha Sycz, Technology Analyst Southington Public Schools

I learned so much from this training, learning how to see if photos are unique or stock was very cool. It was interactive and yet it allowed me to work independently. It is something everyone who works with kids in schools really should attend. Thank you guys for doing what you do!

Katherine Scheibel, School Social Worker Milford Public Schools

This was very valuable training. With 20 years of law enforcement background and seven years serving as Director of School Safety & Security, this training paired with a multi-disciplinary approach is essential for mitigating school threats. The content and instructors were very informative and relative to the current challenges school systems face every day. I am looking forward to the advanced course in this area next month.

Jeffrey Nielsen, Director of Safety & Security Milford Public Schools

This presentation was an eye-opening look into the digital world and how it relates to school violence. Multiple tools to search social media were presented in an effort to identify patterns in student behavior that indicate potential violence. Overall, a very well put together class. Thank you.

Jon Chawgo, Safety Officer Oswego CiTi/BOCES

The SST online training was by far the best online training experience I have had as an educator since the increasing use of the format. Not only were the trainers knowledgeable, they were engaging! They used helpful graphics and live examples to make the information easier to understand and utilize independently. I thought that the 50:7 learning to break ratio was extremely helpful with the online format of this learning experience. Staying engaged and interested for long periods of time on the computer can sometimes become difficult. I thought that allowing for breaks offered an increase in productivity for all. Great presentation all around!

Caitlyn Nunes, School Counsellor Milford Public Schools

Training was very informative. I work as an officer for the CT Capitol Police and even thought this was geared towards students I found it beneficial in trying to evaluate/investigate digital threats directed towards the Capitol complex and/or Legislators.

John Gulino, Director of Safety, Security & Compliance South Orangetown Central School District

As a School Resource Officer in today’s society, students are more virtual and communicating digitally more frequently. To monitor threats against students and staff, being able to know what to look for in the digital world is important. The courses provided by SST allows that monitoring to occur. Thank you for the training you provide.

Ryan Schneider, Milton Police Department

I have participated in two SST training courses, and both have been phenomenal. The topics are relevant to everyone working in K-12 and higher education and law enforcement.  The skills I learned are invaluable when it comes to using social media as an investigative tool. The hosts/trainers are knowledgeable, approachable, and eager to help. I recommend SST trainings and look forward to taking more in the future.

Brittany Floyd, Eastern Illinois University

I feel that SST did a great job with the Digital Threat Assessment® class. The course material was very informative and well presented by the instructors. The information I learned from this class will definitely enable me to perform my investigative duties at a higher level.

Raymond Croze, Clearwater Police Department

The course was presented in a logical, and easy to understand format.   The presenter kept my attention for the entire duration and was very well focused.  I would highly recommend this course for all those involved in student safety!

Nick Georges, Technical Security Coordinator

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More Testimonials