Digital Threat Assessment® is the missing link for our Behavioral Threat Assessment and Safety teams. Through the International Center for Digital Threat Assessment®, Law Enforcement and Professionals can access a range of Digital Threat Assessment®-related training to complement various behavioral threat assessment models.


The International Center for Digital Threat Assessment® (ICDTA) is a partner of Safer Schools Together. ICDTA® was established to give Threat Assessment teams the tools and training needed to prevent tragedy and intervene at the first sign of worrisome behavior.

Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) was developed for Safety / Threat Assessment teams to ensure accurate determinations of level of risk. The goal of DTA® training is to give attendees a stronger understanding of the current social media world, tools to be able to proactively identify community safety concerns, and strategies to address online situations as they arise. DTA® will teach you to gather digital data to inform your next steps and put immediate risk-reducing interventions in place.

With Digital Threat Assessment® training and other services provided by Safer Schools Together and The International Center for Digital Threat Assessment®, you can Use Today for a Safer Tomorrow.

About Safer Schools Together

Safer Schools Together (SST) is committed to ending community violence by encouraging school districts and communities to create positive, safe, and caring learning environments for every student, staff, parent and individual. By providing law enforcement agencies, school districts, and community partners with comprehensive violence prevention and intervention strategies, SST gives Safety / Threat Assessment teams the tools they need to build capacity and sustainability.

SST is an international leader in violence prevention and intervention. We will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent needless tragedy and violence. Regardless of where technology takes us, it’s the staff, students, parents, and agency partners who will always be the best app to ensure safe and caring communities.