Dec 2021: Responding to Worrisome and Threat-Related Behavior

Dec 2021: Responding to Worrisome and Threat-Related Behavior

Theresa Campbell, CEO
Steven MacDonald, Threat Analyst/Trainer

(This session is pre-recorded)

This session will complement SST’s Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) training and may be helpful continuing education for individuals who have previously completed DTA training. for SST’s Current Online Behavioral Trends and Updates has been developed out of a need to continue to keep School Safety / Threat Assessment (SS/TA) teams informed so that they are able to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

$ 39.00 USD


This training will cover:
  • Updates and changes to all leading social media platforms
  • Key information for SS/TA teams
  • Case Scenarios: recent case files handled by SST Threat Analysts
  • Trends, language, and new ways that students communicate online
  • Risk enhancing behaviors – what to look out for
  • The most common threats SST Threat Analysts are currently responding to
  • Trends & app updates: "If I die Young", "If ... then racist", school meme accounts, and more
  • Live Q&A with SST Threat Analysts