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Modules provide the most comprehensive online learning for Safety and Threat Assessment teams.

Each module contains a comprehensive Interactive Resource Guide

Fundamentals of Digital Threat Assessment


Anxiety, the Brain, and the Classroom

Digital Threat Assessment



Social Media Awareness

Safe, Caring and Respectful Digital Communities

Anonymous Apps

What is ICDTA®?

The International Center for Digital Threat Assessment® (ICDTA) is a partner of Safer Schools Together. ICDTA® was established to give Threat Assessment teams the tools and training needed to prevent tragedy and intervene at the first sign of worrisome online behavior.

ICDTA® offers training for Law Enforcement, School Administration Staff and Professionals to address these challenges and stay current with the ever-changing and evolving world of social media and online Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA).

95% of threats today have a digital component that parallels an individual’s behavioral perspective. The tools and resources provided in our training aim to give participants a stronger understanding of the current social media world, the ability to proactively identify individual safety concerns, and provide strategies for dealing with online situations as they arise. DTA® training provides participants with direct skills and tools that are effective and can be utilized immediately by your teams.

As a School Resource Officer in today’s society, students are more virtual and communicating digitally more frequently. To monitor threats against students and staff, being able to know what to look for in the digital world is important. The courses provided by SST allows that monitoring to occur. Thank you for the training you provide.

Ryan Schneider, Milton Police Department

I have participated in two SST training courses, and both have been phenomenal. The topics are relevant to everyone working in K-12 and higher education and law enforcement.  The skills I learned are invaluable when it comes to using social media as an investigative tool. The hosts/trainers are knowledgeable, approachable, and eager to help. I recommend SST trainings and look forward to taking more in the future.

Brittany Floyd, Eastern Illinois University

I feel that SST did a great job with the Digital Threat Assessment® class. The course material was very informative and well presented by the instructors. The information I learned from this class will definitely enable me to perform my investigative duties at a higher level.

Raymond Croze, Clearwater Police Department

The course was presented in a logical, and easy to understand format.   The presenter kept my attention for the entire duration and was very well focused.  I would highly recommend this course for all those involved in student safety!

Nick Georges, Technical Security Coordinator

There is no doubt that Theresa Campbell has the expertise, knowledge and passion to help schools and communities develop and implement effective anti‐bullying initiatives in their schools to create a safer and caring school climate.

Dr. Leena K. Augimeri

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More Testimonials

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