This Macro Module examines the challenges of cyberbullying and best practices for supporting those who have engaged in and/or been targeted by cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become increasingly common due to the rapidly evolving nature of digital communications, especially among teenagers. Because of the unique nature of cyberbullying, a unique approach may be needed to support victims more effectively. We must ensure that we provide relevant education, effective modelling, and coping strategies for all parties.

This Macro Module Includes:

  • The differences between bullying, mean behavior, and peer conflict
  • The impact of cyberbullying online and in real life
  • Trends regarding victimization and the correlation to self-harm
  • Current trends of youth online
  • Guidelines for school administrators and law enforcement
  • An interactive case study
  • How best to support victims of cyberbullying

You will also receive an interactive resource guide.

[9 videos | Total run time 1 hour and 8 minutes]

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