Vault Apps

Vault Apps

This Micro Module provides an overview of Vault Apps and their utility in online data collection. It is important for Safety/Threat Assessment (S/TA) teams to understand the most common ways digital users intentionally conceal photos, videos, and files on their digital device. By the end of this module, S/TA teams will have a better understanding of best practices for identifying, detecting, and preserving digital content ‘hidden’ in Vault Apps.

This Micro Module Includes:

  • How Vault Apps are used to conceal images, videos and files
  • An overview of the most popular Vault Apps used by individuals
  • How Safety/Threat Assessment teams can utilize Vault Apps for online data collection
  • Tools for Parents/Caregivers, School Administrators, and Law Enforcement

You will also receive an interactive resource guide.

[8 videos | Total run time 31 minutes]

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