Oct 2021: Swatting, Bomb Threats, and Digital Behavioral Baselines

Oct 2021: Swatting, Bomb Threats, and Digital Behavioral Baselines

Colton Easton, Threat Analyst Manager/Trainer
Steven MacDonald, Threat Analyst/Trainer

(This session is pre-recorded)

This Micro Module will cover the ways in which the language of threats has changed. This session will include a case walkthrough of a recent bomb threat and an overview of doxing and swatting.  SST’s “Current Behavioral Trends & Digital Updates” are designed to keep threat assessment teams informed on the most recent trends & digital updates.

This session will complement SST’s Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) training and may be helpful continuing education for individuals who have previously completed DTA training. SST’s Current Online Behavioral Trends and Updates module has been developed to continue to keep School Safety / Threat Assessment (SS/TA) teams informed so that they are able to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

$ 39.00 USD


This training will cover:
  • Updates and changes to all leading platforms
  • Key information for SS/TA teams
  • Case walkthrough: recent case files handled by SST Threat Analysts
  • Data statistics surrounding intakes and reporting tools
  • Trends, language and new ways that students communicate online
  • Risk enhancing behaviors – what to look out for
  • Q&A with SST Threat Analysts